Why share FAB5IVE with others? Because…

You know it: When you get a nice gift, somebody praises you, or you’re just happy about something, it’s so nice to share it with someone. With friends, family, colleagues. It’s like a simple multiplier. The joy increases as many times as you share it. Likewise, that is how our FAB5IVE promo works. Recommend us to your chosen friend or family or colleague and get a gift from our e-shop of your choice when someone new subscribes to our beauty boxes and puts your name in a note.


BECAUSE you can help someone with choosing a gift for a loved one. FAB5IVE beauty boxes are a nice surprise for your mom, grandmother, aunt, girlfriend, colleague or a friend.

BECAUSE you have someone with whom you can chat about new products you found in the box. How to use them and what suits you, a chat without which you can not imagine your day.

BECAUSE you will have a friend with whom you can exchange, combine and test products. Organize a joint unboxing of a new beauty box.

BECAUSE you help others discover novelties from the world of decorative cosmetics, skin and body care. And you will save them hours of wandering around the shops.

BECAUSE you will have someone with whom you can share and multiply joy every month.

So how does this joy-sharing work?

Very simple. If one of your friends or family becomes our customer (one-time subscription, monthly, three-month or half-year subscriptions) and will mention your name in registration * – you can choose any one product from our e-shop for free **! We will send it to you in your next box ***.

* You must be a current FAB5IVE customer.

** You can choose from the products available at FAB5IVE Shop; You can not choose from products that are not in stock.

*** If you recommend us but you are not our current customer, you can buy the beauty box and we will include a free gift in that box.

This offer is valid until June 30, 2018.