The secret of (not only) face textile masks

A mask. For those moments when you make your own time. You do your skin and body care routine, something more and just breathe. You put the mask on, close your eyes and relax. Or for those moments with your friend, when you polish your nails, do a hairstyle, put the mask on and gossip about everything. We have masks linked to rituals and to latest trends. You can find face masks on the market, but also masks for your feet or lips. We are not kidding, these masks are really existing and are very effective as well. And we decided to add them to our FAB5IVE beauty boxes, so you can try them too. Let´s take a look to a secret of (not only) face textile masks.


Textile face mask

We believe you already know this one. It is not very fashionable, but it is very dulcet on your face. These masks are connected to South Korea from where they spread to the whole world. The biggest benefit is that they are very simply used. You just take the mask out from the package, spread it and put it on your cleaned face. The mask has holes for your nose, lips and eyes, so you can continue with your doing or just rest for a while. The textile is soaked with active substances in high concentration, so you can see results very soon if used regularly.

FAB5IVE PRODUCT TIP: Green tea face mask from Chiara Ambra

This mask contains everything your skin needs. Extract from green tea for skin renewing, collagen and hyaluron for its reinforcement and it hydrates perfectly.


Lips mask

Also your lips need a special care. You have to hydrate and pamper them. So they will be beautiful, soft, healthy and without scabs. Just when the lip balm is not enough. Lips textile mask is used similarly to the face ones. The biggest benefit is that it takes care not only of your lips, but also of your skin around. It takes just 15 minutes and you will see that the lip care will look better on your lips and you will smile easily.


FAB5IVE PRODUCT TIP: Hydrogel Lip Mask from Chiara Ambra

This mask suits perfectly so all of active substances absorb well.


Feet mask

Take care of your feet is as important as take care of your face. And especially during the summer, when you wear sandals, ballerinas or heels. Feet masks are like socks full of active substances, which leave your feet skin hydrated, soft and without calluses.

FAB5IVE PRODUCT TIP: Feet mask from Chara Ambra

Unique combination of shea butter, macadamia and coconut oil and aloe vera. We thing there are no more words needed.