How you can pamper yourself with FAB5IVE beauty boxes?

Every woman deserve to be pampered and loved. But you know how it is. We are not able to afford love and care, make time for ourselves and take care of our body and soul. And we do not realize, that physical and psychical stress has bad influence to our skin, digestion and to perception of us from our surroundings. Pampering yourself is important and FAB5IVE beauty boxes can make it easier. So how can we help you?


We will make you happy every month!

You know, how important is to looking forward to something. Because time runs faster and you beat every obstacle. FAB5IVE beauty boxes make you happy every month. And when you get one, you can look forward to the next one.


We will surprise you!

You will find different products in your box every month. Which ones? It is surprise, nice surprise. It is similar to unwrapping a gift every month. And who does not want to have a birthday 12 times per year?


We will embrace you with premium cosmetics!

Products you find in FAB5IVE beauty boxes belong among premium brands, which you do not find easily on your market. You can discover a care of natural cosmetics, essential oils and energy of nourishing substances.


We will help you discover new products!

Have you thought that hand cream and lip balm are enough? Mistake! We will show you how to use face masks, refreshing mists, energizing oils, smooth natural peelings and body butters.


We will fill your cosmetic bag!

As an every woman, you have a cosmetic bag but you have only lipstick, powder and mascara inside? We will fill it with contouring palette, bronzer, primer, eyebrow gel, brushes, eyeshadows and premium nail polishes.


We will take care of everything!

You do not have to do anything. We will choose products, pack them to the box and deliver it anywhere you want.