Cosmetic products for sunny and hot weather

Summer is full of sun, watermelon, ice cream, sunbathing, outdoor activities, trips, swimming in pool or sea. Summer can also be full of tinged heat, damaged hair, burned and dry skin, loss of energy. So we should focus on healthy diet, hydration, plenty of rest and sun protection. So we have carefully chosen these cosmetic products, which help you do so.

1. MONU Rosewood Reviving Mist

This is our hero in hot weather fight. Created using an invigorating combination of Lemon, Rosewood and Sandalwood Essential Oils, skin is left feeling deliciously cool whilst providing an irresistible fragrance to awaken the senses. So just take it wherever you go.


2. Malibu, Lip care, 30 SPF

Believe us, you will love this lip balm. Its vanilla flavour will remind you summer, summer drinks and time you spent along a beach. Moreover, it has sun protection, its UVA/UVB is 30 SPF and it is water resistant. Ideal for your pool or sea time.


3. Théophile Berthon, Savon de Provence

Sometimes, it is better to take a refreshing shower. It is even better than thousand doctors. And if you want really ultimate refreshment, try this savon de Provence, enriched with coconut and olive oil, natural glycerin and essential oils. It smells beautifully and its scent will stay a whole day with you.

4. Seascape Uplift Awake Oil

We have already talked about this oil a lot. It gives you new energy, awake your senses, but it also refresh your mood. Put it on your pulse points and under your nose and it takes you to pleasantly cool sea beach.

5. ???

And what is the 5th product, which will help you with sun protection? We do not tell you, we do not want to spoil the surprise. Because you will find it in our August FAB5IVE beauty box. So if you do not have it ordered, do not hesitate, because you have something to look forward to.