What is FAB5IVE

FAB5IVE is a beauty box subscription service that sends 5 carefully selected cosmetic products every month, with cool and trendy brands, major and independents labels. To try, discover and enjoy.

Every month we put in a lot of work to choose the right products to surprise you! In our box you can find only travel and full size products. We include hair, skin, nail and body care products as well as decorative cosmetics from major houses but also from fresh new brands: they have often great high quality products but still didn’t reach every country and every shop. So we try to help.

For 15.99 EUR monthly you are getting a beauty box full of products that would cost you at least 40 EUR in the shop. It’s a great deal!

You can try out products in the comfort of your home, with your friends or at work. We will include a little description about each product and advise how to best use it, or possibly combine it with other products for the best effect. Each month is different!

And more: Become a member of our community. We will send you special discounts notices, any special initiatives we try to develop to make your experience even better. Free gifts for members from time to time! We will not bother you with any non-relevant information or give your data to anybody else. We will give you an opportunity to look behind the curtain, to follow which products or brands we are preparing, and to see what others like the most. Find our more at your own time, at your own pace.


Who are we doing this for?

For busy moms, daughters and grandmothers, hardworking and brave women, students, young ladies, for the ladies who proudly bear, for the shy ones who do not have enough confidence to go to the store and try products on the spot, for women who like to give themselves time, for those who like to discover, for curious ones who like to try new things, for smart women who like to be beautiful but are also looking for a great offer, for the inexperienced who will try safely at their home, for the forgetful ones who never get something for themselves, for the elegant women, for the generous people who like to give gifts to the others, and for those among us who need a little jolt.

For those who want to shine.