7 tips for proper skin care

The time when women’s face was just rinsed with water and brushed off with a towel was long ago. Taking care of ourselves regularly and with love for our skin is a necessity that pays off today, but also in decades to come. However, skin care is accompanied by a number of issues, changing trends with a growing number of different products on the market. So we’ve chosen 7 skin care tips for you, including a sample of the products you’ve found in our FAB5IVE beauty boxes.


1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Your skin is exposed to various influences that you do not even notice each day. Sun, smog, dust, temperature changes, air conditioning. All this causes the skin to dry, and then it cracks, itches, it’s red. Just as you are thirsty during the day, your skin is thirsty as well. And so it must be hydrated by a proper proper drinking regime.

TIP for a FAB5IVE product: Tea Tree face balm from BalmBalm is a 100% natural and organic face cream made of shea butter, sunflower oil, beeswax and essential tea oil. Calms, hydrates and nourishes the skin. And also has antibacterial properties.

2. Return to nature

Stop to chemicals! Just as we do not want to eat chemically modified foods, our skin does not want to absorb non-natural chemicals. And you will not only help your skin but also the entire planet. Choose products that are organic, vegan and cruelty free.

TIP for a FAB5IVE product: Blancrème Paris, Body Peeling – coconut nourishing vegetable compote in a recyclable jar. It softens and nourishes the skin, and smells beautifully.

3. Masks of all kinds

Special and really intensive care for your skin – these are the masks. Whether on the face, hands, feet, or on individual parts like eyes or lips. Engage them in your own routine. Just apply them and you can go on doing what were you doing or just lean on and relax.

TIP for a  FAB5IVE product: Green tea skin mask by Chiara Ambra. This mask not only hydrates but also contains collagen, so it promotes the renewal of your skin’s elasticity.

4. Purity is the basics

Impurities on the skin are not necessarily seen at the first view at the mirror. But if you have a magnifying glass, you’d wonder how many you collect each day. So just as you wash your hands several times a day, it is necessary to clean the face skin at least twice a day. So to let her rest or carry makeup for the day.

TIP for a FAB5IVE product: MonuSkin gentle cleansing cream gently cleanses the skin while moisturizing and soothing it. It is full of essential oils and smells pleasantly.

5. Smoother skin and smoother mind

Stress can hurt us. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to shut down and rest. Likewise, your skin needs to relax from makeup. So it needs enough time to regenerate. And you can help with the right cosmetics.

TIP for a FAB5IVE product: MonuSkin Regenerative Skin Balm is perfect for dry skin with stress, eczema, redness and cold.

6. Choose quality

Sometimes less is more. There is no need to spend hours a day on skin care. On the contrary, just a simple routine and a few products are all that is needed. But with high quality products. Those that will help your skin with immediate relief, but leave it beautiful for the future.

TIP for a FAB5IVE product: Wild rose from Korres. A delicate cleansing peel for brightening the skin. It cleanses, hydrates and brightens.

7. Make yourself happy

Make yourself happy. Be happy. Pamper yourself. Take a moment for yourself. This is perhaps the hardest advice, but your own peace of mind and happiness is the best remedy for your skin.

TIP for a FAB5IVE product: FAB5IVE beauty box subscription. It will make you happy every month!