5 reasons why FAB5IVE beauty box is a great gift

Do you know someone who does not like gifts? We do not. The joy of unpacking surprises. The curiosity about what’s inside. A warm feeling that someone thinks of us. A gift is a great opportunity to conjure someone’s smile on their faces, to improve their day, to thank them or to express something that the words are not fit enough for.

Sometimes choosing a gift that really delights is literally a nightmare. Do not buy clothes because you are not sure about the size and how you ask them turns out wrong. Jewelry is often a matter of different tastes. The cake and coffee voucher is impersonal. And you have long rejected the cups and candles because you know it will end up somewhere in the back of the shelf where they will be forgotten.

That’s why we’ve prepared 5 reasons why FAB5IVE beauty box is a great gift. Whether for someone you care about or for yourself, because you also deserve to reward yourself.


  1. A gift once a month

Who would not want to have a birthday at least twice a year? And what about every month? Just imagine, every month you get a gift and do not have to wait for your birthday, holiday or Christmas. Everyone wishes for something like that. And if you make such a lasting gift to someone else, you will be original and the joy you will provide will not be one-off.

  1. A few surprises

Not only do you give yourself or someone else a gift every month, but you will prepare a few surprises. Each box contains five unique beauty products, each with its own story and a variety of uses. With time, you’ll get a nice collection of products that you did not know about or never tried.

  1. A few worries less

The important thing is that you do not worry more. All product selection, search for hot products in the market, packing and delivery is on us. The gift comes to the one who it is meant for every month without having to mess around or worry about anything. Only joy and gratitude is reserved for you.

  1. Universal joy

To provide real joy, to choose according to a specific taste, pick the right color, is sometimes hard work. And you risk disappointment. This is not the case for the FAB5IVE beauty box because we put in the boxes the versatile products that will please everyone. They are universal and exceptional, so it’s always the ‘’little black dress’’.

  1. Possibility to change your mind

And you can think twice about it. Do you want to change the delivery address and give gifts to someone else? Do you want to send gifts to the entire family? Or just yourself? We will adapt to you! Cancel the subscription, change it, change the delivery method. We will do everything to make the FAB5IVE beauty box make the right gift for you.