5 products you should use every day

You know how it goes. There are days, when there is no time to waste any time, especially to long and neatly makeup. Or days, when you do not want to do anything at all, especially not doing makeup. But on the other hand, you want to feel good and look naturally beautiful. You think it is impossible? It is not! We have 5 product tips, which you should have everytime with you, and which will give you beautiful, fresh and natural look, even you do not have time or mood for makeup.

1) Pressed Mineral Priming Powder +SPF 15 from PHB

Mineral priming powder from PHB is a base for creating smooth look. It is suitable for oily and shiny skin. PHB Mineral Primer blurs pores, absorbs excess oil, prevents shine and fills in fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, it is vegan, halal and cruelty-free.

2) Astor, Face Beautifier Contouring palette

Contouring palette which gives your skin healthy look. Just one product, which helps you define your face and brighten it up at the same time. So even if you do not have your day, you will just shine.

3) Mascara – Intense Black, no. 98 from Cosart

Cannot imagine day without mascara. It has power to define your eyes and even if your face has no makeup, it has contours. And especially this mascara from Cosart is so intense and black, that gives you long eyelashes for a dramatic, sensational look. Cosart company also take care about environment, so their products are packaging free.

4) Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm

If you want to have a natural look, lip balm from Burt’s Bees is the right product to have that. Botanic wax and shea butter in this slightly coloured balm will guarantee you a perfect look, soft lips and the colour lasts 8 hours. Above that, it looks nice and it fit to every handbag.

5) Seascape – Uplift Awake Oil

This oil is really something you should have always with you. It is energizing and it awakes your senses. Moreover it smells very nice after lime and lavender. Put a little bit of oil on your shuteye, pulse points or under your nose in morning hours or just anytime you will need to recharge energy.