4 cruelty-free brands and products

We as customers usually see only the final product. We care about its effects, utilization and price. But behind the cosmetic production is more. Animal testing is very important social issue, which we in FAB5IVE are aware of, and we take it really seriously. That is the reason why you would find mostly cruelty-free brands and products in our boxes. We have 4 brand and product tips, which are cruelty-free and which you should use.


10. La Canopée, black cleansing gel

La Canopée is a french brand, which has a goal to make only natural cosmetics. Cosmetics, which is gentle to your skin and environmentally friendly. Their cleansing gel is based on synergy of black coal Bin Cho Tan, lemon essential oil and natural lavender and tea tree oils. It calms down and cleanse your skin.



2. Olive body butter from The Body Shop

We believe we do not have to introduce you The Body Shop brand. The brand which is inspired by everything nature offers, and which never test on animals. Their olive body butter will refresh your skin and make it stay soft for 48 hours.



3. Pressed Mineral Powder Base from PHB

If you are looking for a vegan and natural decorative cosmetics, you will find it in PHB Cosmetics. Their mineral base powder is perfect as a primer. It blurs pores, absorbs excess oil, prevents shine and fills in fine lines & wrinkles to create the perfect base.




4. Body Lotion from Burt’s Bees

A brand which started as a producer of candles from beeswax, started to produce cosmetics in 1990s. Their first cosmetic product was lip balm. Currently, they are number one among natural cosmetic brands. This body lotion has a beautiful scent and it contains bees honey and beeswax, which will leave your skin ultra soft.