3 tips and products for your lip care

We take care of our face, because we think that it is the part of our body people focus on the most. Peeling, creams, serums, make-up. Perfect eyebrows and smooth eye surrounding. And we often forget to take care of our lips. And lips are the part of our body we use more often than we think we do. For talking, smiling, eating and kissing. That is why we should take care of our lips as well as of our face and body. So what you can do for beautiful lips?

1.Choose suitable lip balm

To choose good lip balm is as important as to choose good eye cream. Do not follow only the package and the scent of lip balm, read carefully what the lip balm contains. Good lip balms contain essential oils and vitamins. Only with that your lips would be hydrated and well nourished.

FAB5IVE product TIP: Peppermint oil lip balm from Seascape

100% natural, with peppermint oil, beeswax, honey and jojoba seeds oil to moisturise and protect dry, chapped lips.



2.Use lip mask

You may think it is funny, but lip mask really exists. It gives you intensive care which your lips deserve. It works same as face masks but it focuses only on your lips and surroundings.

FAB5IVE product TIP: Hydrogel Lip Mask from Chiara-Ambra

This mask will take care of your lips in 20 minutes. After that, your lips will be moisturized and rested.



3. Even light lipstick can help

Coloured lips help your overall look and good lipstick can take care of your lips during the whole day. Choose those lipsticks which do not dry your lips.

FAB5IVE product TIP: Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm

Great compromise between lip balm and lipstick. It contains botanic wax and shea butter, which moisturize your lips for 8 hours. It has beautiful scent and touch of colour, so your lips will look perfect.