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Monthly beauty box with 5 cosmetic products. Try new, independent and organic products, but also major brands. Get it at your home or office and SAVE!


How it works?


August FAB5IVE



What is FAB5IVE Beauty Box?


FAB5IVE is a beauty box with 5 cosmetic products from around the world, featuring independent hip brands but also well established ones. Ranging from make-up, skin care, body care to hair products and more. Enjoy the convenience and ship it to your home, office or a pick-up point.

We pay special attention to include brands that are organic and natural, not harmful to nature and are cruelty free.

Treat yourself every month!

How it Works?

Fab5ive gave me an opportunity to find out about new cosmetics that I had no idea existed before, for example Monuskin! When I get the box at home, I save both money and time, because I don’t have to think about what to buy and where and I get high quality cosmetics in the box. This company really raised the bar when it comes to beauty boxes. Absolutely recommend!

FAB5IVE is a great gift, with which I spoil myself every month. It has many small surprises, which are adding cosmetics to my pouch that I would normally not get. Big benefit of the box is a great design, which has a monthly theme. I have a bit of an addiction with the boxes, so I always eagerly await for the courier to bring my new box.

I have tried some other beauty boxes in the past, and in the end after 2-3 month, they stopped being as entertaining. With Fab5ive, this has (unfortunately) still not happened, as in every box I found at least one product without which I can’t live anymore. I like it that cosmetics is always of high quality, and it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. And the best of all is of course that I get to try a lot of new brands, which I would normally never know about.

Fab5ive beauty boxes are great – beautiful packaging, sensible price, very interesting choice of products, quality customer service. Every month I am eager to find out what waits for me after unboxing. I have my subscription already 5 months and I have to say, in every box I have found exactly what I needed, and plus – thanks to them – I have found out about products which have improved my skin (for example cream from Balm Balm).

I like FAB5IVE becuase I look forward every month to a new surprise. It always comes in a recyclable paper, and inside I find 5 products that I can not find here so easily. I like to try new cosmetics, so for me it is a great way to find out about new products. I can pre pay the box in advance, so I don’t have to think about paying every month. The contents of the box is always connected to a monthly theme, and the brochure tells me about how to use the product and a little bit about the brand.


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